Friday, December 15, 2006

December 15th, 2006

The End

This will be the seven hundred and eight entry in this blog since I started it back in January of 2005. At the time, I was living in London, had just two and a half years of college under my belt, and although I had spent periods writing every day, it was usually writing explanations of the Laws of Thermodynamics. I had no idea how long the blog would last--I didn't even tell my parents about it for the first few weeks for fear I would tire of it and give up. To the surprise of no one more than myself, I've stuck with this through a year and a half of college, one summer job, several months of a real job, and moving from London to New York, New York to Washington and Washington back to New York. I'm not so vain as to claim I've produced great work--although there are more than a few entries I will admit being very pleased with--and I've certainly produced a handful of stinkers. Such is life when one writes every day.

So why stop now? Well, practically, I stopped around this time of year last year; I'm wrapping things up a little earlier as I have a friend in town starting tomorrow. More generally however, I'm not pleased with the blog lately. I wouldn't say I'm 'burned out' which is a horribly overused turn of phrase but given that my job doesn't offer (alas) the freedoms of college life, I find posting blogs at ten or eleven at night isn't what I think the people who read them deserve. The blog isn't "The Annotated Yesterday In Baseball History."

But fear not, as I am not hanging up my...well, keyboard for good. Instead I will be moving over to The Hardball Times where I will be writing a (longer) weekly column in the vein of this one. So if you've enjoyed funny names, lists of the best players from countries, continents, states, and story after story about mediocre members of the 1991 Yankees, I encourage you to come over to Hardball Times for more of the same.

Before I shut out the lights here, I'd like to finally say thank you to everyone who came by. From the people who cared enough to write in, to those people who stopped by, baffled why they ended up on my site while searching for pictures of Biff Tannen from Back to the Future--thanks Google!--thank you. As I type this, my counter has topped 26,800 visits to the site. That is a jaw dropping total, more than I ever imagined. And it has helped propel me to The Hardball Times. So once again, thank you. With only a few exceptions, I loved doing this every day, I hope everyone enjoyed reading it.

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