Monday, December 11, 2006

December 11th, 1930

Eddie O'Brien Born

"I think coach Eddie O'Brien is going to prove a gold-plated pain in the ass...O'Brien noticed some of the guys were sunflower seeds in the bullpen. 'Hey, none of that,' he said. 'No eating in the bullpen.'
'Not even sunflower seeds, Eddie?'
'Nothing. Not even sunflower seeds.'
Eddie O'Brien will have to be clued in on what happens in the bullpen. Maybe the way to cure him is to make him head of the refreshment committee.


Today, while we were sitting in the bullpen, Eddie O'Brien, the All-American coach, said just after one of our pitchers walked somebody in the ballgame: 'The secret to pitching, boys, is throwing strikes.'
Gee, Eddie! Thanks.


Eddie O'Brien has finally been nicknamed. Mr. Small Stuff. It's because of his attention to detail. Says Mr. Small Stuff: 'Put your hat on.' He said that to me today. Also to Mike Hegan. We were both running laps at the time.
Another thing Eddie O'Brien does is stand next to you when you're warming up. I think he does it so he can be near the phone when it runs. He has to answer it. One of these days I'll beat him to it and when [manager Joe] Schultz asks for O'Brien I'll say, 'He ain't here,' and hang up. Add dreams of glory.
Oh yes. As I went to out to pitch he said, 'Throw strikes.'
I don't think Eddie O'Brien understands this game."

~Jim Bouton, Ball Four

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