Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 30th, 1942

Slim Love Dies

Sometimes names come about that I can't even try to come up with a joke for. I mean, Slim Love? I suppose he the opposite of a professional wrestler I caught on TV the other day--this guy--who is billed as "The World's Largest Love Machine." (Although a little checking reveals that during my glory days of watching the then-WWF, he was the larger half of a comical rapping tag team.) In his defense, Love really was slim, he's listed at 6'7", 195. Love--and his family, I guess--apparently took their surname from the town where they were from, Love, Mississippi.

Love had a six year career as a pitcher for the Senators, Yankees and Tigers. He was a regular starter for the 1918 Yankees, one of the last Yankee teams before they became the Yankees. Although Love went 13-12, he struggled with his career long foe, the base-on-balls. Love issued a hundred and sixteen free passes that year, most in the American League and an average of a four and a half per nine. That's slightly above his career average of just over four walks per nine, but Love's nearly 1:1 K/BB ratio goes a long way to explaining why he finished his career with an ERA below average. Unfortunately, I can't say what became of Love after his Major League career, but I do know he died in Memphis.

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