Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29th, 1981

Guillermo Quiroz Born

Sean Foreman is doing some really incredible things with these days, and it seems like every time I go over there, he has added something new. The latest addition is the English-to-Spanish (and Spanish-to-English) baseball dictionary. Although services like AltaVista provide basic translations, this is a remarkable tool, even if I would only use it as a gimmick.

And how better to use that gimmick than on a player who, being born in Venezuela, almost certainly speaks Spanish. Quiroz was signed as an agente libre by the Azulejos in 1998. He worked his way through los menores until he made his big league debut in 2004. Quiroz was at one point a highly touted prospecto but an inability to stay away from the lista de incapacitados hurt his development and chance at being a regular.
Quiroz is a receptor but also saw time as a bateador designado in mostly limited time for the Jays in '04 and '05. During the entrenamientos primaverales of 2006 he was tomado en waivers by Seattle. It turned out to be a bad move for Quiroz as he saw his playing time go from slight to almost none, playing in only one juego for the Marineros last year spending much of the year at pelota Doble A. Appropriately enough, Quiroz's time in Double A was spent in San Antonio, a city where he no doubt had many occasions to practice his Spanish.

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