Saturday, November 25, 2006

November 25th, 1946

Wenty Ford Born

That's no typo, it's 'Wenty' Ford, no relation to Whitey. I don't have DNA or anything to confirm that, but given that Whitey Ford was born in New York and Wenty was from the Bahamas, I'm thinking that's a safe assumption. If I were feeling snide, I could say that their performance is another indication, since while Whitey managed two hundred and thirty-six wins and a career 2.75 ERA, Wenty had one career victory and a 5.51 in sixteen and a third innings.

But Wenty does have two things going for him worth pointing out. For one, he is even to this day the only pitcher native to the Bahamas to ever pitch in a Major League game. There have been other players from the Bahamas--the best of whom is probably Andre Rodgers--but Ford remains the sole moundsman. The other thing Ford has going for him is name. Not 'Wenty' which is a fairly silly nickname, but rather his full name: Percival Edmund Wentworth Ford. I don't know if he's the only player whose name would seem to indicate he should be the Duke of Sussex, but he must be among only a handful of them at most.

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