Monday, November 20, 2006

November 20th, 1919

Rugger Ardizoia Born

Know what I haven't done in a while? A good ol' fashioned funny names day. And what better way to start then with a foreign name, as any of the Blue Collar Comedy guys can tell you, foreign names are always funny! Well, ok, so they aren't, but this one rather is. "Rugger" is a nickname of some sort, Ardizoia's given name was Rinaldo, a name which was probably more common in Oleggio, Italy where he grew up than in New York where he pitched two poor innings for the Yankees in 1947.

Also born today was Felix Mackiewicz, the original "Eyechart," whose name doubtless brought much merriment to people in the 40s as Doug Mientkiewicz brings people today. As an added bonus, his full name was Felix Thaddeus Mackiewicz which is probably one of the five or ten best baseball names of all-time. Today also marks the birthday of John Olgus "Augie" Prudhomme, who shares a name but--luckily for him--not a body type with the noted New Orleans chef. They are, best as I can tell, no relation although both were born in Louisiana. Also born on the bayou was George Mundinger whose last name is so marvelous I need not even comment upon it. Mundinger. That's just fun to say.

Today also marked the first day on earth for Eddie Edmonson, whose real name, believe it or not was Earl Edward Edmonson, which to me suggests parents with rather an off-colour sense of humor. A rough contemporary of Edmonson was "Swat" McCabe and Harry Welchonce. I'm accepting suggestions for how you pronounce the latter's last name.

Finally, today marked the birth of a man who is not only a former ThisDayer but also the owner of far and away the best name ever by a man in a position of power in any sport: Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

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