Saturday, November 11, 2006

November 11th, 1967

Noe Munoz Born

That's his name. "Noe." Least anyone accuse me of cultural insensitivity I've done some research and determined it is a Spanish name that translates, roughly, to "peace" or "rest." As it turns out, that was quite appropriate for Noe Munoz, whose Major League career was short enough that it could've gone by in the course of a brief rest. He saw time in just two games with the Dodgers in 1995, getting one at-bat and making out.

So why did I pick ol' Noe? The answer actually lies in another player, Jose Munoz. Jose was also born on November 11th, 1967. Jose also played just one year in the big leagues, although he saw a bit more action, hitting .259 in seventeen games as a utility man for the White Sox in 1996.

Seeing the identical days of birth I assume that Noe and Jose Munoz were another one of baseball's twins, and given that had both played just a year in the big leagues, made for a nice little story. As it turns out, Noe and Jose aren't twins, a fact that is easily revealed given that Jose was born in Chicago while Noe was born in Escatepec, Mexico making their being to the same mother a rather unlikely possibility. Unfortunately, that robs me of much of my good story for the day. But at least I can say that when it came to those people named Munoz, being born on November 11th, 1967 was not good for their baseball career.

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