Friday, November 10, 2006

November 10th, 1964

Keith Lockhart Born

There is, it must be said, often no justice in this world. The guilty go unpunished, bad things happen to good people and Keith Lockhart--although probably a nice enough guy--has not one, not two, not three, not four, but five trips to the playoffs while infinitely superior players remain locked out.

A look at the list of players denied a chance to show their stuff on baseball's biggest stage is fairly remarkable. It includes eleven Hall of Famers--although one of those Hall of Famers is Miller Huggins, who is in the Hall in no small part thanks to the three World Series and six pennants he won with the Yankees as a skipper, so let's not cry for him. It also includes Ron Santo, who should be in the Hall of Fame and Joe Torre who will be the second inductee to the "Miller Huggins Don't-Cry-for-Me Wing." Past ThisAnnotatedDayers on the list include Elmer Valo and Todd Hundley. In fact, you could assemble a pretty good team out of the guys who never saw the post-season. Al Lopez behind the plate, Ernie Banks at first base, Nap Lajoie at second, George Kell at third and Luke Appling at third. That's a Hall of Fame infield. Harry Heilman could man right field, Ralph Kiner in left and Minnie Minoso in center. That's a helluva squad all around.

I don't know what Keith Lockhart wishes for when he blows out his birthday candles--perhaps that one his many post-season trips would have resulted in a championship instead of this, or this, or this, or...well, I won't go on, that would be cruel. But perhaps he can take solace in knowing there is a small army of Hall of Famers who never even got a taste of that which he experienced on an almost yearly basis.

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