Monday, October 02, 2006

October 2nd, 1938

Mike de la Hoz Born

I like a good four word name, and de la Hoz' is a goldmine, being that he actually has a six word name: Miguel Angel (Piloto) de la Hoz. Count 'em, that's six names. Of course, the problem with having six names is that you're then on the hook to have more than that number of years in the Majors or otherwise open yourself up for a fair bit of ridicule.

Luckily for de la Hoz, he made it with room to spare. All said, he spent part of all of nine seasons in the Major Leagues although he never appeared in more than eighty-one games in any given year. He played all around the infield, totaling nearly identical totals for his time at third base (129 games), second base (119 games) and shortstop (108 games) with a handful at first and in the outfield thrown in for good measure.

That versitility in the field is what kept de la Hoz in the Majors for his nine season, as he was usually mediocre at best with the stick, although he did manage decent back-to-back years in 1963 and '64 (hitting .294 in the latter). So far as I can tell, de la Hoz is still alive, and passing on a legacy of four named baseball players to another generation.

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