Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1st, 2006

Last Day of the Regular Season

Just over six months ago, I did my predictions for the 2006 season. Being that the 2006 season has now ended--a fact which always makes me a little wistful, even with the playoffs beginning--it only seems fitting to look back on a bit of my own history, and see how I did at predicting the future.

In the American League, I predicted the four playoff teams would be the Yankees, Indians, A's with the Red Sox taking the Wild Card. As it turned out, I missed hugely on the Indians who finished the year in fourth place six games under .500. Of course, many others missed that bad on Cleveland, so I'm hardly alone. The AL Central as a whole was a nightmare, I failed to get a single team in their correct finishing order aside from the absolutely dire Royals and managed to place the teams that finished first and second--both going to the playoffs--in third and fourth. Nice job. On the other hand, while I missed on the Red Sox, my East and West predictions were pretty spot-on, notably the West where I was exactly correct.

Over in the National League, I did pretty well. Although the Phillies couldn't get enough help this weekend to make me perfect, I was otherwise good predicting playoff trips for the Mets, Cards and Dodgers. I nearly once again got the Western division perfect and also almost managed that feat for the East. I missed somewhat on the Cubs and big-time on the Reds (who led the Wild Card for much of the summer) whom I picked to finish last. On the whole for both leagues, I correctly got five of eight playoff teams and put eighteen of thirty teams in their correct position (that's sixty percent) and twenty-five of thirty (eighty-three percent) within one place of actual finish.

With my first set of playoff predictions now to some degree out the window, I won't humiliate myself by making any more but we'll see how I end up doing on the end year awards. (Hint: Probably not very well.)

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