Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October 11th, 1856

Athletics at Atlantics

Without being able to say for sure, I think that's the Philadelphia Athletics while the home team (I know this part) is the Brooklyn Atlantics. The Atlantics are generally considered the first champions in baseball and the game's first dynastic franchise winning the league title every year from '56 all the way to 1861, and held the title several more times in the 1860s although the beginnings of "true" professional baseball put an end to the dynasty.

This game would likely be little noticed save one important factor. It is generally believed to be the first game in which scorecards were printed up and sold at the game. I think we all know that I'm a fan of having a scorebook with me at the game and while I don't know that the scorecards sold in those days allowed one to keep score in the modern matter--in fact, I'm sure they didn't; modern scoring came with Henry Chadwick many years later.

However, before Henry Chadwick could develop his scoring, and way before I could keep my own modest little tally at the ballpark there had to be a scorecard. So I think today is one worth celebrating, the birth of the scorecard.

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