Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 7th, 1946

Joe Rudi Born

The recent (and somewhat mysterious) release of Dimitri Young got me thinking about good players on bad teams. Young, of course, was literally the only player of any talent--at the time anyway--on the 2003 Tigers. Young put a line for the season of .297/.372/.537 which is good under normal circumstances but awe inspiring given that the Tigers' team line for the season was .240/.300/.375.

But what, of course, does any of this have to do with Joe Rudi? Well, not a whole lot. But bear with me. Although I've never done it, one could make a "team" out of every day of the year, and play them aganist each other. I have no idea what day would win --off the top of my head, if Feburary 5th could find a pitcher to go with Hank Aaron, Robby Alomar, Don Hoak and Roger Peckinpaugh they'd be a contender at the least--but I do know that September Seventh would not be much of a team.

Although they have a decent starter in Mark Prior, and closer in Jason Isringhausen, if they could stay healthy, the rest of the team is fairly underwhelming. Few players have a career of any length, and those that do tend towards the Darren Bragg (.255 in nearly 2500 lifetime at-bats) or Sergio Valez (12-20, 5.06 over eight seasons) category.

But what does any of this have to do with Joe Rudi? Well, as you've probably guessed by now, Rudi is the runaway winner of best player ever born on September 7th. Despite the decent pitchers, September 7th has not seen the birth of any really good hitters, let alone great, before or after Rudi's birth in 1946. So let's all wish a Happy Birthday to Joe Rudi, the Dimitri Young of the September 7th team.

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