Saturday, September 30, 2006

September 30th, 1974

Jeremy Giambi Born

Being the brother of a major league superstar—especially one who has his greatest success with the Oakland A’s apparently—can’t be easy. Living proof of this can be seen in Ozzie Canseco and Jeremy Giambi. Ozzie and Jeremy (which sounds like a 70s cop show, by the way) seemed to handle the burden of being an inferior sibling with a notable lack of grace. Ozzie’s spent a significant amount of time in the minors and also played in Japan but his Major League career was just twenty-four games and while he and I probably don’t have a lot in common, we do have at least one thing: zero career MLB home runs. Following his career, Ozzie and his brother got into a fight outside a Miami Beach nightclub. Two years later, Ozzie violated the terms of his probation from the incident and was sentenced to several weeks in jail.

Jeremy’s Major League career was slightly better than Ozzie’s, as he played in more than five hundred games and hit more than fifty home runs. He is best remembered as a player however, for his failure to slide in Game Three of the 2001 ALDS, a failure that arguably cost the A's a trip to the World Series and inarguably helped the legend of Derek Jeter to grow. Jeremy's antics off the field are also slightly better than Ozzie's, although he managed to cost his brother once again by being cited for marijuana possession at a Las Vegas airport the same day Jason signed his seven year contract with the Yankees. I guess Jeremy was hoping that what happens in Vegas would’ve stayed in Vegas.

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