Saturday, September 02, 2006

September 2nd, 2006

Kevin Kouzmanoff Homers

Although it is a few weeks yet before I can review my Predictions from this year and see how I actually did, today provides an opportunity to look back at how one of my off-hand comments has managed to come, unbelievably if only sort-of, true.

Last year Jeremy Hermida hit a grand slam in his first Major League at-bat, as a pinch-hitter no less. The following spring, on Hermida's birthday, I
blogged the topic. In the course of that entry, while observing how rare a feat it was, I mentioned, parenthetically and about ten percent seriously, that "now having said [how rare it is], six or seven people will do it this year to spite me." Well, six or seven people haven't done it this year, but given that no one has done it before Hermida save pitcher Bill Duggleby in 1898, that was to be expected. In fact, given it appeared to happen once every one hundred and seven years, chances were I wouldn't be around to see the next guy do it.

Of course, that's the best laid plans of mice and men. As it turned out, Kevin Kouzmanoff came to the plate today in Arlington, as the DH filling in for Travis Hafner. (Also worth noting, Hafner has six grand slams this year, tied for most ever in a single season.) This was the first at-bat of Kouzmanoff's career, and the bases were loaded. You can probably tell where this is going, as he jacked one over the wall to add four to the Indians' already one-run lead.

So "six or seven people" didn't hit grand slams in their first at-bat this year (although the year isn't over, and this is call-up time) but given that something had previously happened once every century has now happened twice in two years. Maybe I'll be a little more careful about what I say off-the-cuff in the future.

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