Thursday, September 28, 2006

September 28th, 2006

Orioles at Yankees

Usually when I go to a ballgame, I'm too wiped out to do a real entry. Tonight I'm somewhat wiped out, but the game provided such an obvious blog topic, I'd be a fool not to take it. Daniel Cabrera, a much touted but so far unsuccessful (an ERA of nearly five in almost five hundred innings) started against the Yankees. The O's jumped to a five-run lead by the third inning, and Cabrera was pitching well, holding the Yankees hitless.

Being held hitless for a few innings is not an uncommon event, and if those innings are, for example, the third, fourth and fifth, it often goes practically unnoticed. When those innings are the first, second and third, however, a buzz begins to spread. Cabrera held the Yankees hitless and runless through until the seventh. After getting Robinson Cano to line up to third, Bobby Abreu hit a ground ball to second baseman Brian Roberts. Roberts bobbled it and Abreu reached on the error. Jason Giambi struck out, but not before catcher Ramon Hernandez allowed a passed ball, moving Abreu to second. With Gary Sheffield up, Hernandez allowed another passed ball, meaning the Yankees had now sent a runner all the way to third on an error and two passed balls. Sheffield hit a knubber to third base that Melvin Mora was unable to field cleanly as Abreu scored, leading to perhaps the most unearned run in history: E4, PB, PB, E5. Hideki Matsui then grounded out, ending the "rally."

In the bottom of the ninth, Johnny Damon hit a ground ball that defensive replacement Chris Gomez fielded cleanly. That brought Cabrera two outs away, but Cano then lined a no-doubt single to left, ending the no-hitter bid. Seeing one's team nearly no-hit--Abreu quickly grounded into a double play to end the game--is a memorable experience. But the story of tonight for me will always be the Yankees seventh inning no-hit run.

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