Wednesday, September 27, 2006

September 27th, 1965

Tink Riviere Born

That's a nickname, as you might've guessed but I did not. (Well, "Tink" could be a real name; I mean, if you really hated your baby or something.) Anyway, his given name was Arthur Riviere, he was born in 1899 in Liberty, Texas, (known as "Paris, Texas" until 2002--no, not really, I'm kidding) the same place he would pass away in sixty-six years later.

Riviere had a two-year career, appearing in limited action in both 1921 and 1925 for the Cardinals and White Sox respectively as a pitcher. Riviere wasn't especially good during his time in the Majors, finishing with a ghastly 6.28 ERA in forty-three career innings. He nonetheless lived the dream, spending nearly ten years in the minors (beginning in 1920, and going through to 1931) although he lost two of those seasons to a suspension, for what I don't know.

Following his playing career, Riviere served in the Army during the Second World War and spent much of his post-war life as an insurance agent. For the sake of Tink and his family, I can only hope he was a better insurance agent than he was pitcher.

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