Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20th, 1954

Mickey Klutts Born

That sounds like a British gangster's to me, a character you might expect to see in a Guy Ritchie movie or the like. As it turns out, Mickey Klutts was no tough-man from Bradford, but rather an infielder from Montebello, California. Klutts didn't really have much in the way of a career, never sticking as a regular on any team, although he played parts of eight seasons.

One thing to say about Klutts, even though he rarely played, he did have a talent for rarely playing on some pretty good teams. He came up for the first time with the 1976 Yankees, the first of three consecutive pennant winning teams. Klutts played a grand total of nine games those seasons, but at least he can say he was around the clubhouse.

He was traded to the A's in the middle of 1978 and although the A's were pretty terribly in 1979, in 1980 Billyball! took over and by 1981 Klutts was back to being a minor figure on a good team as the A's won the first half of the bizarre strike-shortened split-season before losing in the ALCS to the Yankees. The A's reverted to their terrible form in 1982 however, and after one more year with a not-so-good team (the '83 Blue Jays) Klutts was done with the Majors for good.

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