Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August 9th, 1998

Diamondbacks at Expos

Today represented another proud moment in the dying days of the Expos franchise. As I'm sure you know, the Expos often had an incredibly difficult time drawing fans following the 1994 strike, and so were sometimes forced to resort to silly promotions. (I myself once attended $1 hot dog night in Montreal; of course, that's $1 Canadian, so it was like eighty-three cents.) This was an especially goofy promotion though: Dog Days at the Ballpark. The point of Dog Days was that if you purchased a ticket and brought your dog--or any dog, I suppose--to the game, you could join a special parade around the field before the game with your dog.

Bafflingly, the promotion worked as the Expos drew more than twenty-one thousand, nearly ten thousand more than their average. I say that it was baffling because if you don't care about baseball enough to come to a game, why would you care enough to bring your dog to a game just so it could parade around the field? People did care though, as the Expos tallied more than seven hundred and fifty dogs. I really have no other insight to offer on this topic except to say that it only strikes me as more evidence the Québécois really ought not to govern themselves.

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