Friday, August 04, 2006

August 4th, 1970

Dax Jones Born

His given name was Dax Xenos Jones, suggesting his parents had something of an "x" thing going on. The middle name complicates things a bit, but I think "Dax Jones" sounds like perhaps what the Men in Black would use to describe aliens whom they hadn't identified by name, something like an extraterrestrial version of "John Doe."

It's a good thing Jones has the name, because otherwise there's not much to say about the man. He played just one season as an outfielder for the Giants, mostly center field, and couldn't hit at all, barely getting his OPS within fifty percent of league average and hitting .172 in the bargain. It is hardly surprising that he failed to return to the Majors after that season, and despite the distinctive name records of him stop shortly thereafter.

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