Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 29th, 1960

Rusty Tillman Born

It's often interesting to plug a name into Google and see what pops up. For most players, save the active and those with names better known for other things (Terry Bradshaw, I'm looking at you), the first thing that pops up is their BaseballReference page. That's no different for Rusty Tillman, and it reveals an underwhelming three season career, stretched over seven years during which he hit just .232. The second link for Tillman continues to expand on his baseball career, as the Ultimate Mets Database provides a little headshot, and a bit of information on Tillman's season with the Mets in 1982.

The third entry is a bit of a shift, as it is a Wikipedia entry about another Rusty Tillman. This Rusty Tillman was a football player and coach, nicknamed "The King" for his play on special teams. He would later go on to, I suppose, infamy as coach of the New York/New Jersey Hitmen in the short-lived XFL. The fourth entry is a short listing on IMDB.com for the same Rusty Tillman, crediting him for his appearances on "XFL Gameday." Rounding out the top five is a press release from the WWE announcing Tillman's hiring as Hitmen coach, including an offer to log onto XFL.com to buy tickets. Oops.

You might be wondering why I bothered to go through all this Google stuff for a relatively low quality ballplayer (and, evidently, not much better football coach). It's simple really. Although I don't quite dislike football with the vigor that some baseball fans--like my mother--do, I bring all this up to point out that even a ballplayer with a career .232 average rates higher on the world scale (or, at least, the Google scale) than a man who played several years in the NFL, and was at one point the head coach of a football in a league with national aspirations.

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