Monday, August 28, 2006

August 28th, 1907

Tex Neuer Debuts

It was a pretty good debut too, as Neuer started for the Yankees (then the Highlanders) in the back end of a double header against the Red Sox. Neuer pitched a shutout, and did it the hard way with the Highlankees winning by a razor thin 1-0 margin. This marked the beginning of the one of the shortest non cup-of-coffee and perhaps most bizarre careers in history. Neuer's last game of the season would be October Third; that would also be the last game of his Major League career.

For those of you less inclined to check the calendar, that means Neuer's entire career lasted basically six weeks. But it was some six weeks. Neuer appeared in seven games, starting six of them. In those six starts, Neuer threw a complete game each time (admittedly a sign of the times) but did so while throwing three shutouts. Neuer's ERA in fifty-innings--that works out to nearly eight innings per game--was just 2.17, albeit less impressive given the league ERA was 2.79.

And, as I mentioned, that was it for Neuer. He was thirty at the time of his debut, so perhaps all those innings in so few games killed his arm. Or maybe having done it, Neuer decided pitching in the big leagues just wasn't for him. Whatever the reason, Tex Neuer ended his career with fifty-four pretty decent innings in seven games over six weeks, and that's all there is.

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