Friday, August 25, 2006

August 25th, 1939

Dooley Womack Born

"Another thing about that [1967] spring. This was after I'd pitched about twenty-five marvelous innings. [Yankee manager Ralph] Houk sat next to me in the dugout and told me, very confidentially, 'You know, you're having a helluva spring, a better spring than Dooley Womack and I think you're just the man we need in the bullpen.'
What I wanted to say was 'I'm having a better spring than who? Dooley Womack? The Dooley Womack? I'm having a better spring than Mel Stottlemyre or Sam McDowell or Bob Gibson.' That's what I should have said. Instead I just sat there shaking my head. He could've knocked me off my seat.
Instead he sold me to Seattle.


At this morning while I was asleep in my room at the Statler Hotel in Baltimore the phone rang. I picked it up and [Seattle manager] Joe Schultz said: 'Jim, you've been traded to the Houston Astros.
There were two things I wanted to know...The second thing was, who for? You like to hear a big name on the end. It's good for your morale.
'Who for?' I said to Schultz.
'Dooley Womack,' he said.
Dooley Womack? Holy mackerel. The same Dooley Womack whose great spring I almost matched with the Yankees? Oh lord! I hope there was a lot of undisclosed cash involved. I hope a hundred thousand at least. Maybe it's me for a hundred thousand and Dooley Womack is just a throw-in. I'd hate to think that at this stage of my career I was being traded even up for Dooley Womack."

~Jim Bouton, Ball Four

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