Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 19th, 1976

Johnny Walker Dies

Alas, today will not be the all-alcohol team, despite my fondness for a drink every now and then. I tried my best to construct one, but even with the presence of Bud Weiser (1915-16) and Clarence Beers (pitched two-thirds of an inning in 1948), there just isn't enough to justify calling them a "team."

The blog will therefore have to be about Johnny Walker. There is unfortunately not a whole lot to say about Johnny; he played three years in the Major Leagues, 1919 through 1921 but only saw any meaningful time in the final year when he was the regular first baseman for a dire Philadelphia A's team. That was appropriate as Walker was a trifle dire himself, hitting just .258/.278/.329 with just two home runs and not even fifty RBIs, hardly the power numbers expected from a first baseman. Of course, given that the A's were in the middle of a three-year period during which they lost 100 games a year, I imagine everyone on the team needed more than their share of ol' Johnny Walker.

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