Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August 16th, 1941

Gene Brabender Born

"We [the Seattle Pilots] were talking about what we ought to call Brabender when he gets here. He looks rather like Lurch of the 'Addams Family,' so we thought we might call him that, or Monster, or Animal which is what they called him in Baltimore last year. Then Larry Haney told us how Brabender used to take those thick metal spikes that are used to hold the bases down and bend them in his bare hands. 'In that case," said Gary Bell, 'we better call him Sir.'


'Larry Haney read a selection from the New York Post, a story by Vic Ziegel. 'Today Mel Stottlemyre goes after his seventh victory," Ziegel wrote, 'and Gene Brabender goes after whatever the Gene Brabenders of the world go after.'
Ray Oyler: 'Hey Bender. That guy just shit all over you.'
Brabender: 'Will someone point out that fucker to me?'
[Jim] Pagliaroni: 'He must never have seen you in person, Rooms'
Footnote: Brabender beat Stottlemyer, 2-1.


Pagliaroni says that one of the great things about Gene Brabender as a pitcher is that he's big enough to intimidate hitters with his size. 'He looks like if you got a hit off him, Pag said, "he'd crush your spleen.'

~Jim Bouton, Ball Four

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