Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 13th, 1951

Boston at Brooklyn

Those are the Boston Braves, of course, interleague play was still a few years off in 1951. A few days back, I described a promotion at an Expos' game in which fans who attended with a dog were entitled pre-game to parade around the field. I implied, without actually saying I think, that this was the sort of silliness the Expos were reduced to in their later years as they tried everything possible to bring out the fans.

That's still true, but as it happens, even the great franchises sometimes found themselves reliant on such foolishness to bring out the fans. Today was a prime example for the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers had won the pennant two years earlier and finished second the year before, and while 1951 would end badly, they were again a pennant quality team. On account of such things, the Dodgers led the National League in attendance, averaging more than sixteen thousand a game.

Bringing in those numbers requires all kinds, and today is a prime example of that. The Dodgers held "Music Depreciation Night," with the depreciation being in ticket prices: any fan who arrived with a musical instrument was admitted free. Nearly two thousand fans took advantage of the offer, including one who apparently turned up with a piano. It was an all-around good day at Ebbets Field as the Dodgers hung on to win despite a late rally by the Braves, and I'm sure there were no shortage of people to play "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on the the Subway ride home.

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