Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 9th, 1955

Willie Wilson Born

Willie Wilson spent all but the tail end of his career with the Kansas City Royals; although he lacked the power and plate discipline to make him an elite player he was nevertheless a valued member of the Royals teams of the mid-80s. Wilson was a center fielder and speedy guy, stealing as many as eighty-three bases in a season and finishing with a nearly eighty-five percent career success rate; he also led the league in triples five times.

It wasn't Wilson himself that actually drew my attention today, however, what I really noticed is that July 9th appears to be the day for people with alliterative names born in a year that is itself alliterative. In addition to Willie Wilson in 1955, this day saw the birth, in 1944, of Hal Haydel. In 1933 the world welcomed Raymond Roy Ripplemeyer. All I can say, I guess, is that if you're having a son on July 9th, 2022, an alliterative name would be a good first step towards his Major League career.

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