Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 6th, 2004

Twins Hold G.I. Joe Night

You might remember that a while back I did an entry on the Indians holding "Beat Eddie Lopat Night." I mentioned it would never happen these days, in part because they gave out several thousand rabbit feet, which today would cause of a storm of protest. Well, a night like that one hasn't happened in some time, but as if to prove just how right I was, we come to G.I. Joe Night at the Metrodome.

The Twins' intentions in holding the promotion were to honor their local military personnel. That's a noble effort, and frankly, giving out G.I. Joe to the first five thousand children in attendance is a far better idea than wearing a terribly ugly camouflage uniform as the Padres do when honoring local military presence. As usual with well-intentioned ideas, however, problems began almost instantly. Local pro-peace groups began to protest (rather at a Queen Gertrude level, but that's just my opinion) that the dolls were tantamount to supporting war and should therefore not be given out.

Moving swiftly in order to keep a small arm--er, group of peace advocates from protesting outside their stadium, the Twins spoke to Hasbro, the manufacturers, about making some modifications to Joe. When the dolls arrived at the Metrodome, Joe was no longer with gun, his sidearm having been removed. This news assuaged the peace advocates at the time, and the game went on protest-free. The controversy refused to die, however, when it was discovered that while Joe no longer had his sidearm, he was still armed with a hand grenade, a rather more dangerous weapon. With the giveaway over, however, this bit of scandal passed relatively quietly and everyone moved on.

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