Monday, July 31, 2006

July 31st, 1888

Pembroke Finlayson Born

Well, should I ever have to impersonate a British Lord--an unlikely possibility I'll grant you--I now have my name picked out. Pembroke, Lord Finlayson. Good times.

Good times were not, sadly, in the cards for the actual Pembroke Finlayson. Born in South Carolina, he reached the Majors as a pitched at the age of nineteen, throwing a third of an inning for whatever the Dodgers were calling themselves in 1908 and seven more in 1909. He ended his Major League career with a rather brutal 11.05 ERA. Even more sadly, Finlayson died just a few years later at age twenty-three. Newspapers reported the cause as "peritonitis" of the heart, the definition of which you're just better off looking at here than having me try to explain it. Papers also mentioned the peritonitis was caused by a pitching injury, I can't quite work out if that's possible or not, but it marked a sad ending to Finlayson's story.

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