Sunday, July 30, 2006

July 30th, 1957

Steve Trout Born

Steve Trout--who was Esteban Loaiza for the 1987 Yankees the way Esteban Loaiza was himself for the 2004 edition--has prompted a new thought for me. While in the past I've done ballplayers named for cars and birds, it only seems fitting to do fish today, in honor of Mr. Trout.

While there are a fair number of "Fisher" and "Fishburn" ballplayers, there's no actual "Fish" so we'll have to make do without a category heading. That's not to say there aren't any other fish ballplayers. The best one is probably Tim Salmon who although overrated on account of his status as a member of All-Character team was a pretty damn fine player for a lot of years. He easily trounces the two of other Salmons, Roger and Chico. Steve can sadly not claim himself as the best pitching Trout, that honor falls to
Dizzy Trout. The 1880s and '90s saw the career of one Oyster Burns (and before all of you write me, I know that oysters aren't technically fish, but they're in the seafood section of the menu so they're in here) who was a pretty good hitter--thrice finishing in the top ten in batting--and also led the league in saves twice.

Like birds, one couldn't assemble a whole team out of the fish names. But our collection of underwater themed ballplayers is pretty decent, probably a better group than their aviary counterparts.

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