Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July 25th, 1935

Larry Sherry Born

Larry Sherry is part of an elite club, those World Series MVPs who were otherwise mediocre ballplayers but who had one truly great year and capped it off with the MVP trophy. The only other real person in that group is my favorite player Scott Brosius (1998) although there are some borderline others like Frank Viola (1987) and Bob Turley (1957).

Sherry was just in his rookie year with the Dodgers in 1959, and but pitched nearly a hundred innings with an excellent 2.19 ERA and managed a 7-2 record with three saves. In the World Series Sherry was even better. He saw time in Game Two, giving up a run in three innings to seal up a Dodger win, and came back in Game Three to nail down the save for Don Drysdale. In Game Four, Sherry came in relief of Roger Craig and pitched two shutout innings while the Dodgers rallied to earn his first victory of the series. In Game Six, Sherry relieved Johnny Podres with one out in the fourth and pitched the rest of the game, scattering four hits and no runs to earn his second (and the clinching) victory.

For the series, Sherry was 2-0 with two saves, and a 0.71 ERA across just over twelve innings. He was a no-brainer pick for the MVP, as no Dodger pitched had more innings, more wins, more saves and among the best ERAs. Sherry was never as good again as he was in 1959, either in the series or in the regular season although he lasted through the 1968 season by bouncing around the league. He always has 1959 though.

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