Sunday, July 23, 2006

July 23d, 1969

Henry Mercedes Born

Almost exactly a month ago I did an entry on the all-car brand pitching rotation. Without even looking, I'm going to assume it would be damn near impossible to create an all-car brand starting line-up, especially since the people would have to not only have car names, but also fit in the defensive alignment. The other thing is that while my pitching rotation wasn't too great, it at least had Whitey Ford out there, giving them a chance once every five days; if Henry Mercedes is anything to go on, the all-car name hitters would likely be shut out three or four days a week.

Bouncing around as a back-up catcher, Mercedes spent time in Oakland, Kansas City and Texas, accumulating a career .247 average and although he showed a decent batting eye (walking about once every ten plate appearances) when that was combined with the anemic batting average and a total lack of any power Mercedes was unable to hang on even as a back-up. He was out of the league by 1997, having played in fewer than a hundred career games.

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