Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 18th, 1865

Herman Pitz Born

So, you might ask, was he? Herman played just one season, 1890, in what is now consider a "major league" although why the 1890 American Association is so considered is something of a mystery given some teams played as few as thirty-four games while others played nearly a hundred but still couldn't win thirty-four games. That team was the Brooklyn Gladiators for whom Pitz--who was from Brooklyn--started the 1890 season. Playing all around the diamond Pitz hit just .138 with a matching .138 slugging percentage, although he did draw enough walks to reach a .312 OBP.

With Brooklyn going badly, Pitz ended up (whether through trade, release or jumping his team I don't know) with the Syracuse Stars. Once again playing positions from catcher to shortstop to the outfield Pitz improved his hitting slightly getting his average up to .221 with a still matching slugging while the OBP went up a shade to .321. For the year, he finished with a .165/.315/.165 line, good (or not) for a 45 OPS+. As to what became of him after that, I can't say as Pitz vanishes from the records thereafter. For that one though, the answer is that yes, he was.

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