Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 15th, 1980

Jung Bong Born

Moving right along from Billy McCool, we come to Juan Bong, Bong is from South Korea and I'm told the name is actually quite common over there. Anyway, Bong, who pitched for the Braves in the first part of this decade is, of course, a member in good standing of the "Mind-Altering Substances Name Club," which has membership stretching throughout the game's history. Other members include Herb Hash who pitched in the 40s for the Red Sox, Jack Daniels (no, not the Jack Daniels) who pitched in the 50s across town for the Boston Braves, a 1920s and 30s pitcher who was--I swear--known as "Lil Stoner" and of course, Bud Weiser.

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