Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June 7th, 1989

(Not a) Rain Out

Continuing this week's weather theme--unplanned, I assure you--we come to today, the first non-rain out in Major League history. At first blush that seems kind of silly, since technically every game not played in the rain (which is to say, a healthy percentage of all games played) is a non-rain out, but today was a special kind.

The Blue Jays, who had opened the SkyDome (now Rogers Centre) for baseball just a couple of days earlier, were hosting the Brewers. It started off as a nice day in Toronto, but as the game went on, the weather began to turn. By the fifth inning, it was raining hard enough for the umpires to pull the teams off the field. Unlike the situation in every other ballpark (at that point) however, the umpires didn't have to retreat to their locker room to check the weather and hope for the best. All they had to do was put in a call to stadium management and order the roof closed.

Approximately twenty minutes later the game resumed as the roof had closed, keeping out the rain and allowing baseball to continue. For the first time then, despite game-stopping rain going on in the exact same vicinity as the game, baseball could continue as the Jays withstood a Brew Crew rally to win four to two. The first non-rain out. How appropriate for weather week.

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