Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 3rd, 1960

Lyonses Drafted

I did an entry earlier this year that was about, among other things, twins. When I was scanning the list of "Born-On" today, I noticed that both Steve and Barry Lyons were born on this day. However, unless their mother was on a rather fast-moving airplane at the time of birth, they aren't twins as Barry was born in Biloxi, Mississippi whereas Steve was born in Tacoma, Washington. (In the further bizarre files, Steve Lyons given first name is Stephen, which is also the middle name of Barry Lyons.)

Besides their birthday, the dual Lyons don't have too much in common. Barry Lyons spent all but a handful of games in his career in the National League, primarily with the Mets and Dodgers while Steve was in the AL for all but a handful, primarily with the Red and White Sox. Barry Lyons was a catcher and first baseman, never playing anywhere else in the field while Steve Lyons was mostly an outfielder but also saw time at second and third.

Barry Lyons is also largely forgotten, he was never a regular player and although he managed in the minors for a period and was also the General Manager of his hometown team, he's currently working to have Minor League Baseball included in rebuilding efforts of the region. Steve Lyons on the other hand was a regular for a few years and nicknamed "Psycho," and famous for once dropping his pants on the field in an attempt to get some dirt out of them. Today he works for Fox as a broadcaster and occasional studio analyst.

On June 3rd every year, however, they have something in common. Happy Birthday, guys.

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