Tuesday, June 27, 2006

June 27th, 1963

Tigers at Twins

The truism that one sees something new every time you go to the game has been repeated to the point that it would probably more honestly be called a cliché. It is still true however, and that's the most important part. Sometimes one has to look close, but every game has something new. This game, for example, seems fairly ordinary. A 10-6 Twins victory, it does include a complete game victory by Jim Perry, despite giving up six runs, something you probably wouldn't see these days. But that wasn't especially rare in 1963, and a look at the box score doesn't seem to provide any clues as to the odd feature of this game. But look closely, can you spot it?

Don't feel bad if you can't, unless I had known what to be looking for, I wouldn't have seen it either. The interesting part in this game concerns Tiger first baseman Norm Cash. Offensively, Cash had a forgettable day, going o-for-4, three times making out while leading off an inning. The rarely seen thing concerns Cash's defense, namely that he didn't play any. Despite being at first base, a position which traditionally records the most put outs in a given game--the Twins' two first baseman, for example, recorded a combined seven--Cash did not have a single put out. More than that, Cash didn't record a single assist or error, which means he went the entire game without a single chance. It's not often the first baseman basically could've left his glove at home the entire game.

That's not like seeing a player hit for the cycle or throw a no-hitter--I assume no one ran home to breathlessly tell their family the news--but it is further evidence that every game brings something new.

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