Thursday, June 22, 2006

June 22nd, 1978

Anthony Ferrari Born

As much as that sounds like a mobster, or maybe a porn star, Anthony Ferrari was, in fact, a pitcher. Now admittedly not much of one; he only appeared in four games, for a total of four innings, with the 2003 Expos, and managed only a 6.75 ERA. Like I said, not much of a pitcher. But he does have a pretty good name going for him, so that's something.

He's not, of course, the best pitcher with a car name, that title belongs (and presumably will for quite a while) to Whitey Ford. There have been a fair number of Fords in the Majors over the years, but oddly enough one could probably make a rotation solely out of car names. Headed by the Chairman of the Board, the second starter would be Joe Benz who posted a 2.43 ERA (119 ERA+) over nearly 1400 innings with the White Sox in the teens. The quality heads down a bit after that, the third starter would be Sam Dodge who pitched seven innings with a 5.14 ERA for the Red Sox in the early thirties while Anthony Ferrari would be the number four. Finally, and this is only cheating a bit, the fifth starter is of slightly better quality, but we'll keep Don Carman, he of the career4.11 ERA in a little over nine hundred innings, in the fifth spot.

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