Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 21st, 1998

Reds at Astros

Although I do enjoy constructing a well put together blog, with meticulous (or at least some) research, a bit of my own humor thrown in and an enjoyable conclusion, there is also a certain joy in blogs which pretty much write themselves. I don't mean blogs that almost literally write themselves, like this past Saturday's or ones which quite literally do write themselves as in my guest writers, but rather stories which are basically complete, joke and all, and leave me only to put them out there.

Such is today's Reds-Astros game. It was largely an underwhelming game. The Astros, winners of 102 games that season, predictably triumphed over the Reds, losers of eighty-five, by a three-one score, the go-ahead run scoring on a bases-loaded double-play, of all things. This is the kind of game that even someone like me would find unremarkable, except for the Reds starting outfield. In left field was current-Tiger (and Betty Ford clinic resident) Dimitri Young, while center was manned by Mike Frank who had more first names (two) than years in the Majors (one). Rounding out the group was Chris Stynes, for whom I don't have a joke.


Moving right along however, Mel Brooks fans among you will recognize the delightful outfield that manager Jack McKeon had (presumably) unwittingly assembled. Young, Frank and Stynes. It's a shame that Juan "Igor" Gonzalez wasn't involved, because then we could all observe, once and for all, that's it's pronounced "eye-gor."

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