Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20th, 1995

Kevin Maas Plays Final Game

These five things and these five things alone do I know about Kevin Maas:

(1) Came up to the Yankees in 1990 and suddenly starting hitting piles of home runs--one every twelve at-bats--making him, at age twenty-five, the "Baby Bomber."
(2) Just as suddenly stopped hitting piles of home runs and more-or-less immediately ceased being a useful ballplayer.
(3) Played only one full season as a regular.
(4) Mentioned in Michael Lewis' Moneyball as an example of what happens to hitters when they fail to adjust to pitchers adjusting to them.
(5) In the "Family Album" of Yankee Yearbooks in the early 1990s, Kevin was always pictured standing alone, suggesting that hitting piles of home runs and then suddenly not hitting them makes for a lonely existence.

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