Monday, June 12, 2006

June 12th, 1988

Merle Settlemire Dies

To me, that sounds like the alternative reality name of Mel Stottlemyre. In that reality "Merle Settlemire" led the long struggling Yankees (who had tolerated the inept center field stylings of Nicky Nantle for several years previously) to their first championship since the glory days of Babe Ruth. While I'm sure Mel might enjoy that, the actual Merle Settlemire was a pitcher in his own right, albeit not much of one.

Actually, not much of one is pretty kind; Settlemire pitched just one year in the big leagues, throwing eighty-two and a third innings with a 5.47 ERA for the Red Sox, posting a painful 0-6 record. Settlemire had good control, walking fewer than four per nine innings. Unfortunately for Settlemire he was probably too hittable, giving up nearly thirteen hits per nine innings while striking out just over one per nine innings.

Settlemire presumably saw more time in the minor leagues, but his big league record remained an 0-6 for all-time, which is rather depressing. His obiturary does, at least, confirm that he married and had children before dying at age eighty-five, so we can hope that he found joy somewhere away from the ball field.

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