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May 7th, 2003

David Horton Arrested

That's not a player, so don't bother trying to discover his stats. His arrest is nonetheless related to baseball. Most ballparks these days have at least one, sometimes more, between inning promotions where they scan the crowd and show fans. At Yankee games, at least last season, it was the "Delta Dental Smile Cam." In Cincinnati in 2003, they had the "Kiss Cam" where the camera focuses on fans, to encourage them to kiss. I've seen it at other events and while silly, it can be fun.

It was not fun, however, for Horton. Horton had served two and a half years of a four-year sentence for stabbing two men and was released on parole. As is standard, a condition of said parole was that Horton had to stay out of trouble. Horton failed to do this, however, being arrested for possessing more than five-hundred grams of cocaine, including nearly fifty he sold to an undercover officer. He was charged and released on bail. After that however, Horton dropped off the map, failing to show up for later court appearances or check in with his parole officer.

Despite this, Horton was not exactly cause for launching a man hunt, so chances are if he had laid low--maybe moved to another city--he could've ducked the charges. Laying low was apparently not Horton strong suit however, as he not only decided to attend the Reds' game at the Great American Ballpark with his girlfriend, but further allowed himself to be on the Kiss Cam!

When someone is so foolish, the universe often seems to punish them. In this case, that punishment came in the form of Horton's parole officer, who was sitting in the stands. Noticing the fugitive on the big screen, the officer rounded up a couple of
Cincinnati’s finest, who went to the section and arrested him. After a few months of pre-trial maneuverings and such, Horton (wisely) struck a plea and was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for the combination of his parole violations and drug charges. Assuming he's not been paroled--a safe assumption I imagine--this June will mark Horton's three-year anniversary back as a guest of the state.

The lesson then, don't break the law. But if you do, stay off the Kiss Cam.

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