Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3rd, 2001

Indians at Royals

Fans running on the field is always stupid, but perhaps never so vividly illustrated as it was on this night. In the ninth inning of a Royals' loss, twenty-two Michael Orschlin jumped on to the field in order to win a four hundred dollar bet from a friend. As it turned out, this idea was far better in theory than in execution, as Orschlin ended up delaying the game for nearly fifteen minutes as he had to be carted off the field after breaking his foot in the course of jumping over the Kaufman Stadium fences.

Compounded his misery, although Orschlin was now presumably up four hundred dollars from his bet--assuming his friend paid up, something of dubious certainty--he was actually a thousand dollars in the hole from the fine he would receive for trespassing on the field. Even with his winnings, that's still a six hundred dollar loss. All said then, Orschlin lost a whole bunch of money and broke his foot. That's why you don't run on the field.

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