Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 31st, 1869

Rain Out

There wasn't a lot of baseball being played professionally in 1869. There wasn't, truth be told, a lot of baseball being played at all in 1869. Nonetheless, there were professional games and being that the game was largely limited to the northeast in those days, it was inevitable that a rain-out would at some point occur; the northeast sadly lacking the kind of perpetually sunny weather that cities like San Diego are lucky enough to have. (Not to mention that domed stadiums, to say nothing of a retractable roof, were yet a few years off).

According to legend--and it might be legend, given that much of the early history of the game basically is--today's titular rainout was first ever in baseball history. The Red Stockings were scheduled to take on the Antioch Nine (I'm working under the assumption that's not the ancient city of Antioch, located in modern Turkey but who really knows with early baseball) only to discover that the skies had opened, making the game unplayable.

There's no record if this game was then rescheduled into baseball's first ever make-up double header, but that's ok; we can hopefully all watch our favorite team play in nice sunny weather and think back to first time two teams ever walked out and said "Aw, nuts, we can't play in this."

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