Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 30th, 1926

Dixie Upright Born

Although some of you may not believe this, I very rarely set out with the goal of having a "funny baseball names" day. Some days, however, are just chock full of funny baseball names, and what can I do but spread the word? Dixie Upright--which sounds like the answer to the question "what would you get if the South really did rise again?"--was not much of a ballplayer, appearing in just nine games in 1953. But that was enough for him to join the ranks of the twelve other "Dixie"s that have played in the Big Leagues, although none since 1958.

Other good names today, all flash in the pan players, include Burley Byers, who died today in 1933, and who apparently was actually named "Burley," having changed it from his given name of Christopher. Byers wasn’t even really a flash in the pan; although he appeared in just one game, he went hitless which kindof rules out the possibility of creating a flash, doesn't it?

My favorite name today, however, belongs to another one-game player. Howard "Twink" Twining appeared in a game for the Reds in 1916 giving up three runs in two innings and never appeared again. But he's in the Encyclopedia forever and with any luck someday my self-created tongue-twister that "Twink Twining Twirls Tops To Topeka" will spread around the world, furthering his legend and mine.

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