Friday, May 26, 2006

May 26th, 1872

Stoney McGlynn Born

I orginally picked this as a topic because "Stoney McGlynn" sounds like a name a TV anchorman in Fargo, North Dakota would use. "Welcome to Fargo's Channel 16 Eyewitness News, I'm Stoney McGlynn, along with my co-anchor, Larra Leslees." As it turns out, his name is even better than I hoped, as Stoney is a nickname (of course) with his given name being "Ulysses Simpson Grant McGlynn," after the victorious Union Civil War general. (As an aside, Grant's name is something of a source of debate, given that he changed it around the period of his entry to West Point.)

Naming issues aside, McGlynn is most notable for having made his debut extremely late, he first came up to the Majors with the Cardinals in 1906 at the age of thirty-four and pitched forty-eight innings. The next year he was a full-fledged member of the rotation, leading the league with more than three hundred and fifty innings, finishing thirty-three of thirty-nine starts, both league bests. Unfortunately for both him and the Cards, McGlynn also led the league in earned runs, hits and walks allowed, finished second in homers allowed (albeit with just six) and led in losses with twenty-five. The next year he pitched just seventy-five innings and was out of Major League baseball for good, although he would continue to perform well in the Minor League American Assiociation into his forties.

So what circumstances brought McGlynn to the Majors so late, for his one bright, shining blaze of mediocrity, only to ne'er be heard from again? I have absolutely no idea, and with my books still packed from my trip back from Washington, I am unable to pursue the question further. If anyone does know, I'd be happy to hear.

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