Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 25th, 1935

Babe Ruth Homers

Oddly, for a man who hit so many home runs, surprisingly few of Babe Ruth's are remembered in particular. There was number sixty of course, and his famous "called shot" in the World Series, but for a guy who hit 714 home runs, plus another fifteen in the playoffs, two is an awfully small number to remember.

That's unfair, because in point of fact everyone actually remembers five of Ruth's homers, albeit with three-fifths of them coming in one day, today. As a member of the Boston Braves, Ruth was having an awful season (he would play just twenty-eight games and hit just .181) but today, the Babe of old shone. Playing at Forbes Field, Ruth slugged three homers--the last of which supposedly traveled over six hundred feet. While it's possible that's apocryphal, it seems fitting for the man who hit, to that point, more home runs than anyone else in baseball history by a huge margin.

It is a shame that so few of Ruth's home runs are specifically remembered--although with so many perhaps that was an inevitability--but we should cherish the ones we do remember, especially such a definitive set of three.

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