Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10th, 1938

Merritt Ranew Born

"[Fred] Talbot and Ranew get into a deep discussion about the South. Ranew is from Georgia and Talbot is from Virginia. Talbot started it because he said that all guys from the South are dumb.
'Well, where the hell are you from?' Ranew says, because he knows the answer.
‘I'm from the north part of the South,’ Talbot says.
‘It's better down where I live than it is where you are,’ Ranew says.
‘Everything but the people,’ Talbot says. ‘The people are dumb’
...’I tell you one thing,’ Ranew says. ‘We got better-looking guys down where I am.’
Talbot is shocked. ‘Better looking?’ he says. ‘For crissakes, look at yourself. You've got hair like a sissy.’


Today's Marvin Milkes' [story concerns]...Merritt Ranew. Ranew was called up to fill in for Larry Haney, who had to put in some service time. Ranew had been hitting like .400 in [Triple-A] Vancouver and in his first game here he got two hits. Today he got another and he's hitting the ball good every time up. So Marvin Milkes told him, 'You keep hitting the ball like that and you'll be back up here again sometime.'

And never is heard a discouraging word."

~Jim Bouton, Ball Four

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