Thursday, May 18, 2006

Editor's Note: Batting in the five hole today is my cousin Joshua. Joshua has in the past written on one of the worst Yankees of all-time (Hideki Irabu) and one of the best (Lou Gehrig). Today he writes on a man who is far closer to the latter than the former, but really, in a category all his own.

May 18th, 1946

Reggie Jackson Born

My memories of Reggie Jackson consist of him wearing a suit and working in the Yankees front office. I’ve never actually seen him play, minus the occasional old timers day games at Yankee Stadium, but the numbers tell the story of a man who was a beast at the plate: 563 career home runs (which ranks him 10th all time), 14 all star appearances, and an AL MVP in 1973. What makes it all the more impressive is that Reggie is the career leader in strikeouts with 2,597. That’s thirteen more career strikeouts that his career hit total.

Most people know Reggie as Mr. October, for his monster performances in playoff games. Reggie still holds up as one of the best clutch playoff hitters of all time and it can be easily argued that he still is the best, though sad to say David Ortiz is making a run for that title. Mr. Octobers’ Hall of Fame
plaque reads “…10 home runs, 24 RBI’s and a .357 batting average in 27games. In 1977 Series, he hit record 5 homeruns, 4 of them in consecutive, including 3 in one game on 3 first pitches off three different hurlers”

Pretty good stuff for a career .262 hitter.

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