Friday, April 07, 2006

April 7th, 1944

Bill Stoneman Born

That's the same Bill Stoneman who is currently GM of the Angels, a job he's had since 1999 and in the time had three trips to the playoffs, including, of course, a World Series in 2002. Stoneman was also a mediocre pitcher for many years. Although a sometime horse, he threw 294 innings for the Expos in 1971, a huge total even in those days; Stoneman was second in the league.

What got me thinking about Stoneman was actually something from yesterday, which was Kenny Williams' birthday. That's Kenny Williams, a mediocre player in his own right, but also GM of a World Championship team. This means two of the last four World Series have been won by teams with an ex-mediocre player as their GM, and that says nothing of the A's, who've averaged more than ninety-five wins a year with ex-mediocre player Billy Beane at their head. And that leaves out the Diamondbacks who made the playoffs three times and won once with Joe Garagiola Jr., as their GM. And while Joe isn't technically an ex-mediocre player, he is the son of one, which kind of counts.

Is employing an ex-mediocre player as GM the key to winning a title? Well, probably not. But hey, at this point, it couldn't hurt the Royals or D-Rays to try it. I'm sure Joe McEwing isn't doing much these days.

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