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April 6th, 1999

Denny McLain Has Pension Garnished

Judge: Mr. Simpson, that means half your paycheck goes to Bart
Homer: Half goes to Bart, half goes to my Vegas wife, what's left for Moe?

Denny McLain--still the last pitcher to win thirty games in a season in 1968--had a fairly rough post-baseball life. In early 1970, less than 18 months away from his thirtieth win, McLain was suspended by Bowie Kuhn for bookmaking. In the eighties, McLain was sentenced to a twenty-five year prison term for a variety of charges, he served twenty-nine months but released after a judge overturned the sentence.

McLain has been back in prison a few times since then and had many low points, including a stint working in a 7-11. Perhaps the ultimate low point came on this day in '99. McLain, who had recently been convicted of raiding a company pension fund, had his own pension fund garnished in order to pay off the debts he had accumulated. As it turned out, this was only adding insult to injury for McLain, as didn't have control of the pension fund anyway; a few weeks earlier all of McLain's sources of income had been awarded to his ex-wife in a divorce preceding, while McLain was saddled with all the couple's (and his own) debts.

This was probably something of a worse day for his ex, I suppose, she being the one who actually lost the money. Nonetheless, as bad days go, this was probably high on the list, even for Denny McLain.

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